Sunday, 24 April 2016

How To Use Dual WhatsApp, Dual Facebook, Dual Everything by Parallel Space


Hello Friend's Now I Can Explain How To USE Two Whatsapp In One Android Phone......

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Tech world is changing very fast. There was a day when we do Orkut from web browser either from mobile or computer. Then everything changes due the smartphone and Android makes this revolution. Now we don’t need a web browser to do social media from our mobile. For every action there is an app and its very convenient to use.But there are limitation like if you have two facebook account and you need to access both of them then you can’t do with the current Facebook app. It allows adding only one account at a time.
Same thing for WhatsApp. You can’t have two WhatsApp in a single Android phone whether its dual SIM phone unless you install modded version of WhatsApp to get dual WhatsApp. Though its changing as some app allows you to add two accounts like Instagram recently added this feature to add a secondary account so that you can operate two Instagram within  a single app.

But for those apps which do not allow you to add a secondary account, there is a way to get dual Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Moreover, you can access any app from two accounts on A Single Android. Not only Facebook or WhatsApp, if you have any app which you need to access from two accounts frequently like I need to access the Freecharge app from two different accounts, then you can do it very easily without logging out from primary account.
So how do we get this awesome feature, to have dual accounts in any app? Here are the tricks…

How to Dual WhatsApp, Dual FB by Parallel Space

  1. Download and install Parallel Space-Multi Accounts
  1. Run the app and tap on add or + optionParallel Space add app
  2. Now chose the app you want to get secondary account ( It will show the list of apps which are  already installed)Parallel Space add app from list
  3. Once you added it will take some to initialize2016-04-15 07.42.56
  4. Once it has done, you will the app icon on Parallel Space dashboard2016-04-15 07.42.48
  5. Now just open the app and configure with your secondary ID2016-04-15 07.43.09
  6. Now you have a secondary account for that app.
Now when you need to access secondary account just open Parallel Space and open that particular app. Here I have added WhatsApp. You can add multiple apps like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc.