Sunday, 31 January 2016

Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 v2.1 Crack + Key

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Uniblue System Tweaker 2016 v2.0.12.0 a set of tools to enhance Windows, allowing you to customize the operating system to your liking. Windows can be a difficult operating system to configure, because it includes a lot of standard configurations that are difficult to repair. Of fine-tuning the "Start" menu quick and easy changes to network behavior SystemTweaker present more than 50 tweaks, all chosen for it will make your job in Windows a little more comfortable.


  • Deny access for remote administration of the diskette / CD-ROM drive
  • Some network adapters for load balancing
  • Enable print server notification messages: If this adjustment is enabled, any server notifications are automatically displayed in a pop-up message
  • taskbar.
  • Broadcast information on the access network to the new shared printer: If the adjustment is off, shared printers will not be available to other computers on the network.
  • Hide password for access to the source file: If this adjustment is enabled, the password for access to the resource is shown as asterisks.
  • Hide my computer from the network browser list: Hides your PC from other users on your network.
  • Allow remote access to the registry for all types of users: If this adjustment is enabled, access to your list is open to all users.
  • Show Statistics network error: The network connection status menu tabs added with additional statistics.


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