Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to root and unroot Xiaomi Mi4

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Hello Friend, Now I Can Explain To You How To Root Your Xiaomi Mi4 And How To Unroot Mi4,WithOut Any Problume.

These are the instructions to root and unroot Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone without using any Root Application (can be done through the device also).

Requirements: Your Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone should have atleast 20 percent of device battery or more to begin the root process.


 How to root Xiaomi Mi4 


Step 1: Download Xiaomi Mi4 Developer Rom (zip – download any version) on your computer or on your smartphone.


Step 2: Now, rename the downloaded zip file as ““.



Step 3: If you have downloaded the Xiaomi Mi4 Developer Rom on your computer then move it to the root of your smartphone sd memory using the usb cable.


Step 4: Now, On your Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone Select Updater.



Step 5: Now, hit the Menu key and select Reboot to the recovery mode.



Step 6: Once you have booted into the Mi Recovery, use UP-Down key for navigation and Power Key to select.


Step 7: Under the Main Menu, Select Wipe and Reset > Wipe Cache > Yes.



Step 8: Once, Wipe Cache completed, tab on the back key.


Step 9: Now, Under Main menu > Select install



Step 10: Now, Confirm install > Yes.



Step 11: Now, update process will take place.


Step 12: Once Update process is completed, Tab on the Back key > Reboot > Reboot to System One.



Step 13: Once your Device is restarted > Open Security > Permissions > Enable Root Permission.


How to unroot Xiaomi Mi4

Step 1: Download Xiaomi Mi4 Stable Rom (zip) on your computer or on your smartphone.

Step 2: Follow the above tutorial from Step#2 to Step#12.


Thanks XDA And Raj Bhai......................

Just Check It :

[*] The Developer and Stable Rom we have shared on this page is officially provided by Xiaomi. Developer Rom is always meant to get the root access.

[*] No Warranty Void: Rooting comes under warranty for all Xiaomi Devices, means your warranty will not be void if you root your device.

[*] Check out: We have also shared the latest Xiaomi Stock firmware for other Xiaomi Devices and all the Xiaomi USB Drivers.


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