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How To Hack POPCap Trial Game

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Now I Can Explain To You How To Hack POP Cap Trial Game, Hack Unlimated Time For Free.

PopCap Has Some Best Small Addicitive Game Which Are Only Free To Trial For Just 60 minutes And For More You To Buy That Game.But This Article Will Guide You How To Hack These POPCAP Games To Unlimated Time For Free.

Steps Are As Follow:-

 1] Its Recommended To Buy The Game To Play Unlimated.

This Guide Uses Game File Modification To Play Unlimated,Which Is Illegal As Its Mentioned In Game's Terms And Condation That You Not Modifiy Any Game Files.

2] Download The Game From PopCap.Com,Which Has 60 Minutes Trial.

3] Install The Game On Your PC

 4] Launch The Game

5] Click The Play Buttom From The Game Window's,Which Is Asking Buy The Game Or Not.

6] Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete To Bring Up The Task Manager While You Are In The Game Window.

7] Go To Processes Tab In The Task Manager.

8] Kill The Game Process And PopcapGame1.exe Process.

9] Go To Game Installation Folder. Default IS C:\Program File\Popcap Games.

If You Are Using Window 7 or 8 Then Check in C:\Program Data\Popcap Games Folder. Some Games Have popcapgames1.exe File In That Location.

 10] Turn on the option to show hidden files.

You Can Do This By Going Tools - Folder Option - View Tab And Select ''Show Hidden Files And Option'' Then Click OK.

11] Delete The gamename.exe [e.g.Plant Vs Zombies.exe, pizza Frenzy.exe]

12] Right Click On Hidden File popcapgame1.exe.

13] Change Its Name To Game Name And Unselect The Hidden Option Under Gerneral,Then Click On OK.

Make Sure You Correctly Entered The Game Name, So That Your Desktop And Start Menu Shotcuts Will Work Without Modifying Them.

14] Now You Have Unlimated Time Rather Than Just 60 Minutes.Launch Game As Usual To Play.

Enjoy Guys Thanks To Read

Offical Thanks To Wiki How And Trainerhacks4u. 













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