Friday, 18 September 2015


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Now I Explain To You How To Hack And Change Your Processor Name Without Any Software.

Step One: Open up the Registry editor (RegEdit).
First, click Start, and search RegEdit (Windows 7/Vista). Open up regedit when the search has found it.

Step Two: On the left hand column in Registry Editor, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, under it,
open up: Hardware->DESCRIPTION->System->CentralProcessor->1

Step Three: Now you can see a few lines of text on your right side in Registry Editor. Double-Click the one that is named "ProcessorNameString". A small box will pop-up, and you can change the processor's name to anything you like. After your done, press enter and close Registry Editor.

Step Four: Now we will see what we have changed under Windows.
Open Start, and Right-Click Computer, then click Properties in the Context Menu

Step Five: You can see your processor name changed to what ever you changed it to .

Step Six: Now Your Processor Name Are Changed Just Restart Only.

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