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Download Max Payne 1 +4 Trainer

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Now You Can Download Max Payne +4 Trainer 

*Release Info

-Releaser's Nick        : Raj Bhai
-Name Of The Game       : Max Payne
-Version Of The Game    : (All)
-Game Homepage          :
-Trainer Version        : 1.1
-Number Of Options      : +4
-Release Date           : April 1, 2002
-Other                  : Check The 'Version' Tab Under Properties


Open up Max Payne, and leave the game at the 'Play, Parental, Optios, Quit' screen. Open up GameName.txt. In this file, write the Window Caption you see in Max Payne. This is because it changes from game to game. After you have done this initial setup, you're good to go. Save GameName.txt, and start up the trainer. If the Trainer has succesfully found the Window Caption, the Title Bar will say 'Max Payne v1.0.0.0 - Running', if not, it has not found the game. Open up GameName.txt and try again. Once it's found the game, click on 'Check Versions', this will check to see if the Trainer is compatible with your copy of Max Payne. If it is not, see *HELP* below. If it is, the trainer is succesfully setup, so you can now start cheating! Red means not selected, Blue means Selected. You must 'Attach' to the game before using any cheats. If you 'Detach' from the game, all codes will be disabled.

If your game is not supported by my Trainer, please WinZip MaxPayne.exe (located in your game directory), and email it to’ I will add support for it ASAP if possible.

*Team Greetz

I don't know anybody yet, but thanks to nh2 for letting me in and Hype for getting me started. Thanks to Fahrenheit for some code help. And thanks goes out to MacDeath for making an easy to understand c++ engine I used bits of to make this trainer.
*Personal Greetz

The letter 'R'

*Contact Info

-CES HomePage           :             
-CES Chat Room          : #GameHacking Channel On The Undernet Network

*General Info

A "trainer" is a third-party program that is designed to alter memory locations of running programs (games). In order for a trainer to work, it must be running simultaneously with the game it was written for. Do not close the trainer until you are finished playing the game. Since trainers are written to alter Specific memory locations, they usually only work with specific versions of the game. This is the most common problem when trainers seem to be "not working".

CES is searching for experienced members who like working in a unified
team, so if you think: 'Hey ! That fits to me', visit our webpage,

                                 Download Here


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