Monday, 21 September 2015

GTA V +19 Trainer

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Now You Can Download GTA 5 +19 Trainer

This Trainer Are Very UseFull And Vrey Important In GTA 5 Game Because GTA Game Are Very Intresting Game OF All Pc Game LETS Hacks.

Very cool trainer from FLiNG. Works on the Steam version. All stable, the game crashes. For the trainer in a single company's ban will not give, and in Online have not tried and do not advise!

Key assignments:

Insert-Inc. Trainer
ALT + Num 1-Infinite life
ALT + Num 2-Infinite life transport
ALT + Num 3-infinite money
ALT + Num 4-infinite ammo/grenades
ALT + Num 5-without recharging
ALT + Num 6-infinite stamina
ALT + Num 7-infinite armor
ALT + Num 8-Unlimited special abilities
ALT + Num 9-infinite oxygen
ALT + Num 0-Remove wanted level
ALT + Num + |-+1 daytime hour | -1 h
Alt + Num. -Rewind the time 10 sec. ago
CTRL + Num 1-Add $ 100
CTRL + Num 2-change the weather
CTRL + Num 3-Prods without recharging
Home-Disable all

                                              Download Here


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