Friday, 25 September 2015

Download Alien Shooter 2 +3 Trainer

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Now You Can Download Alien Shooter 2 +3 Trainer.

This Game Are Very Dengrous So You Can Download This Trainer And Hacks Your Game Very Easy Way .

Freature Of The Game :- 


F1 - Infinite health / Reverse Effect  -      You will gain health insted of loosing & Wont take damage or die

F2 - infinite Ammo                     -      Does what it says, gives you infinite ammo on all weapons,
                                              and Can be toggled on and off at anytime.

 IMPORTANT:                                                           IMPORTANT:  

F3 -  Add Cash                         -      This option should only be used in player menu, while upgrading and will enable you to upgrade fully and add
                                              as much cash as you want,
                                              turn this option of when selecting player and colors and while in game or game might crash,
                                              "only use while upgrading" and to gain Cash" with this option youle be able to buy everything,
                                              and fully upgrade health and more


Trainer Specific Hotkeys:
Home - Info                     -       Launches Trainer quick Info

F11 - Minimize Trainer         -       Minimizes Trainer

Music On/Off                  -       Toggle Music on/off

Escape or double click to exit Trainer/ menu's

How to Use:

launch game first then use hotkeys above

Greetings to everyone out there in trainer space ;)
Well another trainer has Updated:) simple but useful
Enjoy  and have fun! :)


Release date: 9 June 2009
Author: Raj Bahi
Software type: Game Trainer


                                                Download Here






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